The new sales planning ABC

Part one of this three-part series offers a step-by-step instruction on establishing more effective sales planning by reviewing and re-determining your client portfolio structure as well as optimizing your client distribution and commissions. The objectives of this new approach are:

  • Increasing sales efficiency
  • Increasing client satisfaction
  • Achieving your personal commission targets

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The author questions and redefines the traditional concept of “quality standards,” explaining how consistent entrepreneurial actions increase your employees’ commitment to quality and motivates them to fulfill and increase quality standards. Read more

Why communication between IT and other departments tends to be so difficult – and what you can do about it

Using detailed real-life examples, the article describes the communications hitches between IT and operating departments, demonstrating that many solutions today are insufficiently suitable for the tasks at hand, and outlining alternative approaches. Read more

… including strategies for better sales forecasting

The article explains why predictions and forecasts are a key element in business. It describes the current situation in most organizations, especially in sales departments, presenting an effective method for improving the medium to long-term quality of sales forecasts. Read more

Why enterprises need to develop digital awareness if they want to survive

Interview with Dirk Liebich

“Businesses need a complete transformation if they want to stick around over the next few years,” says Dirk Liebich, a thought leader of digital change in Europe and Asia. His concept of “digital awareness” is a more comprehensive alternative to the currently much-discussed principle of Digital Darwinism. Read more

How using the wrong software can cause immense damage

This article outlines the dramatic impact caused by the widespread misuse of a popular office application. It identifies the need for action as well as alternative approaches. Read more

Using a real-life example as illustration, the article explains how models help avoid errors and save costs in projects and planning processes. Read more

The article offers an in-depth description of the changed conditions in a business world shaped by globalization. It defines what businesses and organizations need to change and explains why they need to act fast. Read more

The article explains why “cloud” and “big data” remain empty phrases as long as we’re unable to evaluate the majority of existing data. The author outlines possible solutions while cautioning readers that information processing that would really meet the needs of businesses is still a long way off. Read more