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“Businesses need a complete transformation if they want to stick around over the next few years,” says Dirk Liebich, a thought leader of digital change in Europe and Asia. His concept of “digital awareness” is a more comprehensive alternative to the currently much-discussed principle of Digital Darwinism. In this in-depth interview, Liebich outlines his theory and offers practical approaches for implementing the transformation he deems vital for businesses. He gives a detailed explanation for the fundamental change in consumer behavior and explains what businesses can and should do to respond to this change fast and effectively. Liebich, an experienced consultant, describes how product development and marketing mechanisms have changed. In defining his overarching concept of digital awareness, he distinguishes it from commonly used terms like collective intelligence, crowdsourcing, and crowdfunding. Liebich concludes the interview by demonstrating how business can develop a vision for the future that secures not only their survival but also sustained growth in a world of continuous technological transformation.