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A few words about Dirk

Dirk is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, driving digital transformation through strategic and technical leadership; including helping companies across a broad array of industries deploy planning capabilities to significantly improve business performance.

He held various senior leadership positions with companies that pioneered innovations in business planning technology and delivered highly-respected portfolio, demand and supply chain, planning and management consulting services. He is widely respected as a thought leader around Digital Transformation, frequent guest author, book co-author and speaker.


Digital Transformation in short

More mature industries are long confronted with the impact introduced by the rise of an empowered consumer but while they still try to find meaningful responses, the same patterns can more and more be found in nascent industries as well.

The pattern of a dramatic change in consumers behavior. Consumers that have joined up in online communities, they live and communicate online, they do not react to direct advertisement anymore but demand a personalized experience from any company that intends to sell to them.

Consumers that are informed by their peers from the community, that have become extremely knowledgeable or understand their lack of latter one and now demand the industry to bridge that gap. They leave it up to the companies to provide the missing knowledge and often times select the party that does the best job around it.

Digital Transformation is the name of that change and it is very likely the next revolution ….

It is time for corporations to act or run the risk of distinction.


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