Problem solving with the IT crowd: communication is possible!

Why communication between IT and other departments tends to be so difficult – and what you can do about it

Using detailed real-life examples, the article describes the communications hitches between IT and operating departments, demonstrating that many solutions today are insufficiently suitable for the tasks at hand, and outlining alternative approaches.

Whenever an operating department talks to the IT department, they end up with more questions than answers. None of the parties involved want this to happen, which is why the situation bears closer examination. What is going wrong there? And are there ways to improve this highly unproductive state of affairs?
Information technology has become a basis for virtually every business process. Yet for many, the technology itself remains a mystery. The transfer of this seemingly arcane knowledge is often difficult. Member of operating departments understand too little about IT to explain their problems to the experts. IT people, on the other hand, aren’t always gifted teachers and often lack insight into the processes of other departments.
As technology is unlikely to become significantly easier to understand or even smart in the foreseeable future, there is only one way out of the dilemma. The IT crowd, meaning all those in possession of technology know-how, need to cross the line. There is no alternative to IT departments’ learning to understand business processes. Only if they do will they be able to focus on solutions and deliver the information and tools operating departments need.
This requires a change of attitudes that will only be possible if management and operating departments contribute. They need to enable a dialogue by showing their appreciation and support for the IT experts. Last, but not least, it is a matter of the necessary resources.


This is a management summary of an article first published in the magazine of Digital Tempus Germany. You can read the full article here in German, or contact me if you wish to have more information about the topic.