Cry (Series 1-3)

In this arresting triptych, the artist delves into the theatricality of life, weaving a narrative as vivid as it is visceral. The first panel, with its evocative, Munch-style face, captures an emotional intensity reminiscent of “The Scream”, reflecting inner turmoil and the existential angst that punctuates the human experience. The middle canvas, with the stark knife, is symbolic of the tools we wield in our attempts to carve out meaning and identity amidst life’s chaos. Finally, the skull in the last panel confronts us with the inevitability of death, an omnipresent shadow that lends urgency to every choice and cry.

The sequence mirrors the artist’s own journey through the spectacles of joy, creation, struggle, and the silent moments of reflection. It’s a personal odyssey marked by piercing self-awareness and a stark acknowledgment of life’s finite nature, urging a deep contemplation of our place within the grand drama of existence. Each canvas, a scene in the artist’s life, stands as a stark reminder of the powerful emotions, tools we employ, and the ultimate culmination that we all must face, urging us to live with purpose and passion.