Welcome to my New Blog!

DL_BW2Dear Reader,

thank you for following me to my new blog. Over recent years I have mostly written in German language and posted my writing to my online blog Magazin der Digital Tempus Germany. But now and due to a much increasing demand and recurring requests for making my articles also available in English language, I have decided to restructure all of my content in a new English language blog. Thank you very much for your great interest and also for encouraging me to continue blogging.

So, let’s see! First, I will publish short management summaries of selected blog posts, that I already published in German, which shall allow you to catch the punchline. In addition and going forward, all new articles will be provided in English language!

Let’s start the discussion about Digital Transformation: What do you think? Do you have questions, recommendations, ideas? I am looking forward to discuss these matters with you. Please get in touch with me.